Social Media – how do you know if what you are posting is working?

Posted by on January 15th, 2021

So, I try to post regularly on social media.  I had a big break over Christmas and the New Year, but I am back to posting again.  How do you really know if what you are posting is reaching your target audience? Have you clearly defined who your target audience is?  Have you spent some time looking at when your target audience is on social media?  It might be all the time or sporadic during this lockdown if they are juggling home schooling, work, and other commitments too.


So here is a 5 step content planning framework that I use and discussed recently with members of Get Ahead in Events FB Group:

1) Purpose & Goals – It is important to get clear on why you are creating content and what value it will provide.  What do you want to achieve by posting on social media? Are you posting content to connect with potential employers, connect with fellow event profs that you could lead to collaborations or find new clients for your products and services?

2) Audience – Next you need to think about who you are creating content for and what benefits it will provide them. Think about who they really are in terms of their age, gender, demographics, and what media they use.  Think about when they are most active on social media and what platforms they use.

3) Story – What specific & creative ideas can you share with others? Think about what is unique to you and your story that you could share with others.  What value can you offer to your audience that will help them?

4) Process – This is related to how will you structure and manage your content. Is there a platform or system you can use to help you such as Hootsuite, or planoly?  There are plenty of platforms that you can sign up to for a free trial.   It is useful to think about ways in which you can re-purpose, re-use, and re-format your content for different platforms.

5) Measurement – How will you measure your efforts? There are lots of different ways of measuring your social media – engagement of current fans, brand reach, blogger mentions, positive social interactions and well as more specific ones like referral traffic to your website.  Do spend some time looking at your insights such as no of followers, reach, engagement, shares and decide on some ways in which you can measure your social media metrics.

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