Exhibitions – How do you make the most out of them?

Posted by on March 3rd, 2020

With so many exhibitions out there for event management professionals to attend – how do you make the most of them.

Here are my top tips for attending shows like The Meetings Show and Venues and Events Show:
✅ Identify the key targets: Look through the list of companies exhibiting in advance and pick out the key ones you would be interested in speaking to and potentially getting work experience with. Look up their stand numbers and work out a route so you will definitely make it to their stand as these events offer cover a large area.
✅ Education & Knowledge: Most of these events have an educational seminar programme. Look at the educational sessions and identify 2-3 sessions you would like to go to so that you are up to date on some key event management areas. You can then use this knowledge when you get an interview.
✅ Be pitch ready: Have a short pitch ready where you can speak about yourself and what type of work experience/role you are after when you meet people. View these events as a big networking opportunity and you never know when you will meet someone interesting to your career!
✅ Rehydrate: Drink lots of water, make sure you eat lunch & take time to sit out as the show is very busy! Let me know how you get on! And with the current situation do take your own hand sanitizer.

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Samantha Salisbury has been working in events management for over 20 years. Her event management career started at the old Wembley stadium. She has since managed events all over the world covering sectors including sport, academia, pharmaceuticals, banking and public sector.

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